RPG Games

The documents below are character record sheets designed for AD&D 2nd Edition pen and paper games. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the files.

» Character Sheets
» Spell Record Sheets

Gold Box Game Hints

If you have ever played the Gold Box AD&D games, you know they are rather difficult to finish. In order that they be made slightly simpler, some people have figured out how to cheat. Directions on how to crack Pools of Darkness are included in my walkthrough. Scroll down for hints and cheats to other SSI Gold Box games.

Eye of the Beholder

The following two text files include directions on how to cheat these games.

» Eye of the Beholder Cheats
» Eye of the Beholder II Cheats

Dark Sun

Use the two cheats for Dark Sun and Dark Sun II below to make the game easier!

Enable Cheat Keys

Use the following command from the DOS prompt to run the game and enable cheat keys: ‘DSUN -K911′. The cheat keys are as follows:

  • [T] – Raise level
  • [M] – Restore all magic
  • [Alt]-[F2] – Increase attack power
  • [Alt]-[F4] – Learn all spells

Dark Sun Character Transfer:

Submitted by Neriah

Hey…I’ve got a cheat that involves Dark Sun I and Darksun II’s character transfer. Once you finish Dark Sun I, transfer your party members into DS II. then go back to DS I and create four more characters, give them all of the weopons and items aquired in DS I from the other PCs. Then transfer them into DS II. You should have a list with all eight of the transfered characters, including items! If you had the Genie duplicat the El’s Drinker, you can have a total of FOUR of them! If I remember correctly, this is how I did it. I may have made more characters in DS II to take the Items from the various Characters. Now that I think about it, there’s another similar cheat I know of. It works in most of the gold box games. when your character finds a good item, go to the training hall. Give one character all your best items and remove them from the party. Add that Character back to the Party and then give away all his goodies. Remove her from the party again, but this time it will ask you if you want to overwrite the character. Say NO and make some goofy name up. Go to add the character back in and pick the first…there will be more than one with the character’s name. When you bring that Character back into the party, she will still have all the goodies and you can repeat the process!!! You can do this to duplicate items then sell them for money, also!! Never again will one character have the best armor or weapons!


Break out the old Hex editor and open the savegame save.dat file to pump up your characters:

Offset: Change to: Result:
14 00
14 00
FF (10 mal)
FF (10 mal)
00 09 3D 00
00 09 3D 00
Class Player 1
Max Class Player 2
Max Stats Player 1
Max Stats Player 2
Max Hit Point Player 1
Max Hit Point Player 2
Max Classes Player 1
Max Classes Player 2

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